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Chair Massage


Stiff neck, aching wrists, and shoulder tension are signs of workplace fatigue.  Prolonged periods of computer work combined with poor ergonomics can create tight muscles that impede blood and lymph flow through the body. The resulting loss of circulation contributes mental fogginess, decreased energy, and susceptibility to repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome.



Chair Massage Benefits:

  • increase alertness, creative thinking, and decision-making

  • relieve muscle fatigue and headaches

  • lower anxiety and improve sleep

  • boost immune system and resistance to illness

  • decrease repetitive stress symptoms

  • promote cooperation and collaboration

  • increase accuracy, problem-solving and project success

  • make employees feel acknowledged and appreciated

  • improve job satisfaction

  • reduce absenteeism

  • attract and retain top-quality employees

  • reduce the high cost of turnover

  • reduce sick time, absenteeism, and worker comp claims

  • offer an inexpensive 100% tax-deductible perk

  • increase morale and company pride

  • win the loyalty and appreciation of valued customers and guests

  • provide a relaxing break at stressful events

  • relieve the pressure of big days like weddings and performances

Houston Mobile Massage offers professional on-site chair massages!

Whether it’s promoting wellness in the office to show some employee appreciation for staff members, promoting your company at a trade show or event, or a private function such as a bridal shower or family gathering, chair massages are always a welcome addition and sure to be enjoyed by all.



Chair Massage Basics

We typically massage an average of 4-5 people per hour, per therapist.

If you have more than 15-20 individuals or a limited amount of time we can schedule two or more on site chair massage specialists to work simultaneously.

All you’ll need to do is designate a clear area at least 5’ x 5’ where people can take turns on the seated massage chair.

We bring soothing music and essential oils to create a relaxing, spa like experience. 

Our corporate chair massages are very popular and frequently incorporated by organizations on a weekly or monthly basis. 

If you’re looking for professional chair massage service for your office or event, look no further!


Houston Mobile Massage is a network of top quality experienced, independent, licensed and insured professional therapists. 

As a locally owned and operated business we go the extra mile to ensure that every job goes smoothly.

Advance bookings are ideal, however we can usually accommodate short notice – especially if you only require one therapist. Dispatching a team can take a little more time to coordinate.

Chair Massage Rates & Policies

If you are seeking a professional, reliable service with great hand-picked therapists and years of experience, we’re the one for you!


Chair massage costs may vary depending on a number of factors, including type of event, location and the number of therapists required.

Typically we accommodate 4-5 people per hour, per chair, and recommend using at least two therapists for jobs requiring more than about 5 total chair massage hours.

Group rates start at $120/hr (at least three people will share each hour)

For 1 individual or 2 people sharing an hour rates are the same as in-home massage

Rates listed are per therapist

Ongoing chair massage service available 


Call (832)324-5205 or email for details!


*Service to some hotels/resorts, college campuses, convention centers, hospitals and other large facilities may incur an additional fee.

*When convenient free parking is not readily available client will cover parking expenses.

*On holidays hourly rates and included gratuity % may vary.

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